FAUVES STUDIO will be CLOSED July-August. Classes RESUME September 3rd, 2024.


03/07/2019 - "My daughter loves & enjoys this studio. Great teacher-owner with a unique and classic style. 🎨" - Madeleine B. | Thousand Oaks, CA

03/05/2019 - "Super fun time at the moms night out. She's knowledgeable, fun and patient. Her helpers managed a room full of kids while us moms chilled and painted. It was awesome, the painting was awesome and her wine was good! Win, win!" - Michelle B. | Agoura Hills, CA

02/17/2019 - "I loved it! Valentine’s Day was coming up and with short notice i had the best help and walkthrough to a great painting for a special girl. When I wasn’t able to finish in a single day Elena opened the studio up just for me early the next morning. Can’t thank her enough. She loved it by the way. Thanks Elena" - Jaime M. | Agoura Hills, CA

01/20/2019 - "We recently had my daughter's 9th birthday party at this art studio and it was beautiful. After calling a few local studios, the owner Elena called back promptly and after visiting her space I knew I didn't have to go see any others. I loved her studio, the light coming in makes it so bright and comfortable, and Elena was so nice and welcoming. She has a room next to the studio where you can set up all the food, etc.. and a lounge where some adults can hang out quietly. The party went smoothly, she helped every kid that needed a little extra help or attention, and my daughters are looking forward starting some art classes there now. I highly recommend this place!" - Dalia M. | Agoura Hills, CA

12/27/2018 - "My almost 5 year old daughter loves taking art classes with Elena at Art Studio Agoura! We have been coming to her studio for almost a year. Elena is extremely kind and a warm person which is very important for my daughter as she learns best when she has a good relationship with the teacher. Elena shows her different methods of painting, as well as sculpting. While giving instructions, I love the fact that Elena also allows her students to express their creativity. I highly recommend her! Thank you Elena for all your wonderful work!" - Christina I. | Agoura Hills, CA

10/10/2018 - "All three of my children take art classes at Art Studio Agoura and have learned so much so fast. Elena is so good knowing what the needs are of the kid and focusing on that specific area, very nurturing, caring and positive. She's also very artistic and well educated in her career as anybody can tell by her art work. At the end of class time my kids don't want to leave, they wish it was longer, as a matter of fact, they cant wait to see her every week." - Jeffrey E. | Thousand Oaks, CA

10/07/2018 - "After touring local art studios, we decided to sign our kids up with Elena at Art Studio Agoura. She is an awesome teacher who works well with children. Instead of doing the ineffective "repeat after me" way of teaching, Elena shows the kids different methods of drawing and painting, and even sculpting. We have been coming to her studio for over a year now and are very happy to have found Elena! Highly recommend!" - Anya M. | Thousand Oaks, CA

09/30/2018 - "Art Studio Agoura is a fabulous place for people of all ages to come share their passion for self expression. Personable warm instructors is what makes this place so unique. Elena puts 110% of her soul into her classes, which makes it so special and that's why young children especially love this place. Highly recommended!" - Yuli A. | Los Angeles, CA 

09/27/2018 - "Thank you so much for your classes for adults, where painting is a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to relax!" - Natalia K. | Agoura Hills, CA

09/24/2018 - "My daughter loves drawing and has been coming to this studio for about a year now mastering her skills. Elena is very patient, warm and welcoming, and is very knowledgeable about art. She's also pretty flexible with makeup classes. In addition to art, kids have opportunity to learn how to do sculpting with clay, which's especially good for little ones who may become a little bored drawing and want to do something different. Elena's studio is quite spacious and cozy with a separate sitting area for parents, where they may relax while waiting for their kids." - Katya L. | Thousand Oaks, CA

09/22/2018 - "Just wanted to thank you for an excellent painting class. It was been fun and I learned several things about creative painting. Thank you! It was been worthwhile and fun." - Katie S. | Los Angeles, CA

09/18/2018 - "My 11-year old daughter has been taking classes with Elena since January and she loves it! Elena is very patient and allows her to express her creativity while also giving instruction. I highly recommend Art Studio Agoura!" - Michelle M. | Agoura Hills, CA

09/15/2018 - "My kids have been coming to this studio for over two years, they absolutely love it!!! They have been improving so much while still enjoying!!! Our house is now filled with their beautiful art work! Highly recommended!!!!" - Ruslan D. | Thousand Oaks, CA

09/15/2018 - "Our kids, 9 and 10 years old just love their time at Art Studio Agoura. One is absolutely crazy about Harry Potter, while the other is into animals. They both get really excited when they are able to make paintings of their favorite subjects. Elena is a great, instructor very patient, coaching, just great with kids." - Ed S. | Thousand Oaks, CA

09/13/2018 - "I took my kids Art Studio Agoura, the experience was amazing. They absolutely enjoyed the class and looked forward to going each week. Ms Elena was engaging, pleasant, patient and as an artist herself very knowledgeable. She is very relaxed so the kids have a great time working on their pieces and if they don't finish they come the following class and work on them some more. Worth buying a series or committing once a week that way your children can have continuity and learn more. Great great experience overall!" - Laura A. | Thousand Oaks, CA

09/12/2018 - "Highly recommend. Excellent teacher, great atmosphere. My kid started one time per week, now even 3 times per week is not enough for him. This Studio is really good as for beginners so for people who has some skill." - Alex B. | Agoura Hills, CA

06/01/2018 "My grand daughter loved it, and so did I. She learned A LOT, and my house is filled with some beautiful paintings.    We will be back." - Diedre D. | Oak Park, CA

06/01/2018 - "We love Elena and our daughter always creates something beautiful there!" - John Z. | Agoura Hills, CA

05/31/2018 - "To be honest, I would love to keep this gem of a studio a secret but it should be known how lovely this place is:) we came here after trying other much more expensive studios in the area. My daughter has excelled here, her natural artistic skills are nurtured. Elena is a true artist and teaches the kids with love and knowledge. They learn about artists and art history with her while painting. Everyone I ever recommended to try it, stayed. The kids love this class!" - Shazia P. | Los Angeles, CA

02/18/2017 - "My six year old can't wait for Elena's art class to come around every week. She is quickly learning new perspectives and skills. Thank you Elena, for fostering and enriching her love of art!" - Katie P. | Agoura Hills, CA