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Character Drawing Session 9+yrs
Character Drawing Session 9+yrs
Character Drawing Session 9+yrs

Character Drawing Session 9+yrs

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Foster your child’s creative spirit and give them a newfound enjoyment for drawing at our Character Drawing Session!

In this 4-class session, your child will learn the basic techniques of pencil drawing and use those skills to create a finished drawing of a predetermined character/animal by the end of the session. Each month's theme and the two options that your child can choose from are listed below:

February's Theme: Superheroes
Option A: Captain America
Option B: Wonder Woman
March's Theme: Video Game Characters
Option A: Pikachu
Option B: Sonic the Hedgehog
April's Theme: Princesses
Option A: Moana
Option B: Mulan

Tuesday | Thursday 4:00 - 5:00 pm

4 consecutive classes. 1 make-up class w/ 24hr. notice. No material fee, all materials included. 

All classes should be attended weekly.

Missed classes cannot be transferred.

Consecutive classes are taken on a specific time and day on the schedule.

Read more here: https://fauves.studio/blogs/class-information/con-vs-non-classes

: Please check Class Schedule: 
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