Kids Halloween Party 2019

On the night of October the 26th, we had a frightfully festive time at our 2019 Halloween Party - full of art, games, friends, and spooktacular fun! From ghouls and ghosts to princesses and peacocks, our studio was filled with all types of party monsters! We'd like to thank everyone for coming and enjoying the fun holiday spirit with us!


Walking in, everyone put on their sleuthing hats to try to find all the hidden creatures and items in our Studio Scavenger Hunt! All who completed the game were given an extra prize in their goodie bags. It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying the game, helping each other out, and getting into the Halloween spirit!

Afterwards, we broke off into three stations - two sculpting and one painting station - which we later rotated through so that everyone could make both projects. Once the projects were completed, we moved on to a game of toss, where kids earned extra prizes working as a team!

This year's sculpture was a choice between a black cat in, on, or next to a pumpkin. One way or another, everyone added their own creative twist into their creation and all the sculptures turned out bewitchingly great!

Likewise, all the paintings were also fang-tastic! This year's painting was a black cat in a witch hat atop a pumpkin, with the moon in the background. Whether through the colors they mixed, or the jack o' lantern they made, each artist made this painting uniquely their own - a proud party gift to take home! 

Unfortunately, the night came to a close too soon, but we hope you all had loads of fun! All of us at Fauves Studio thank everyone for making this Kids Halloween Party so wickedly amazing! 

Happy Halloween, and we hope to see you all next year!

Safe Treatin'!

- Fauves Studio