Summer Schedule: Studio is CLOSED August 1st - September 6th. Students must wear a MASK.

Consecutive vs. Non-consecutive Classes

At Fauves Studio, consecutive classes are classes that are taken each week at a specific day and time. These classes typically follow a program or schedule. 

Non-consecutive classes, on the other hand, are ones that can be taken each week any day when the class is in session. These classes typically do not follow a program but are based upon a student's own project and workflow. 


All classes should be attended weekly.

(Exception: Drop-In Class, Drop-In Studio, Painting Club for Adults, and Acrylic Painting Class for Adults).

Missed classes cannot be transferred.

Non-consecutive classes can be taken any day Monday thru Saturday.

Consecutive classes are taken on a specific time and day on the schedule.


Example of Consecutive Class: Kids Watercolor Class. Once you purchase a set pack of four days, those days should be attended every week, at the specified time - with the allowance of 1 make-up class. 

Example of Non-consecutive Class: Kids Art Class (4-9yrs). It is up to you to pick and choose what days your child attends this class, as long as it is in session. Whether that means going every day, every week, or randomly, the choice is up to you.

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